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3 - 6 Months Patterns

Outfits, Coats, Footwear, Headwear, All in Ones. etc



Hooded Coat USA Booties and Mitts USA Three Piece Outfit USA Popcorn Sweater USA Puff Stitch Outfit USA Coat and Hat USA Coat and Bonnet USA Fluffy Coat and Hat USA Boys Sweater and Pants USA

Coats - Jackets etc

Sweet Coat USA Hooded Jacket USA


Headwear - Footwear

Cuffed Shoes USA Mary-Jane Shoes USA Frilled Bonnet USA Pom Pom Hat USA


Boys Cardigan USA Short Pants with Bib USA Hooded Sweater USA Striped Booties USA Textured Sweater USA Peaked Cap and Booties USA Cute Two Piece Set USA