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Free Baby Crochet Pattern
Buggy or Stroller Blanket


UK Format

.  Wrong Side

RS.   Right Side

dc.    Double Crochet

htr.   Half Treble Crochet

tr.     Treble Crochet

rpt.   Repeat

ss.    Slip Stitch


Leaving last loop of each tr on hook,

work 3tr into next stitch,

yrh draw through all 4 loops.

Base of ch. Work into first stitch


3ch counts as first tr

Finished size approx: 21” wide x  27” long


300 grams of King Cole big value baby DK in Cream (046) Main

Small amounts of King Cole big value baby DK in two contrast colours for flowers

Small amount of Green for leaves and centre of flowers

6.50mm & 5.00mm crochet hooks

TENSION - 4htr and 3 rows of htr's measures approx 1 inch square


Main Part - Using 6.50mm hook and main colour make 76ch, change to 5.00mm hook, 1htr into 3rd ch from hook, 1htr into each ch to end. Turn. (74htr + 2ch)

Pattern Row - 2ch, 1htr into each htr to end, 1htr into top of 2ch. Turn. Rpt last row until 80 rows have been worked in all or work measures approx 26 inches from beginning. Turn.

Next Row - 1ch, 1dc into base of 1ch, 1dc into each htr to end, 1dc into top of 2ch. Turn. (75dc)

Fold Over (Optional)

Working into back loop of dc only for this row, work Pattern Row once. Turn.

Working through both loops of stitch from now on work Pattern Row eleven more times. Turn.

Next Row - 1ch, 1dc into base of 1ch, 1dc into each st to end, 1dc into top of 2ch. Turn. Repeat last row once. Turn.

Decorative Edge - * 3ch, tr3tog (see abbrev) into next dc, 3ch, ss into each of next 2dc, * rpt from * to * to end. Fasten off.

Blanket Edge - With the front of the blanket towards you. Fold forward onto the front, the rows that you crocheted after the loose loops (pic 1). (15 rows)

Using 5.00mm hook, rejoin yarn to left corner, (pic 2) make 1ch, 1dc into base of 1ch, working into row ends and catching in fold over as you go, work 83dc evenly along down first side of blanket to corner, 3dc into corner, work 1dc into each ch along cast on edge to corner, 3dc into corner, working into row ends, work 83dc evenly along up second side of blanket to corner catching in fold over same as first side. Turn. Starting with 1ch, work 1 more row of 1dc into each dc, down first side, along bottom and up second side, working 3dc into corners. Turn.


                                      Pic 1                                         Pic 2

Decorative Edge - * 3ch, tr3tog into next dc, 3ch, ss into each of next 2dc, * rpt from * to * around all three sides of blanket. Fasten off.

Flower Motif x 2 - (Worked in rounds without turning) With 5.00mm hook and green coloured yarn make 4ch, ss to first ch to make a ring, 1ch, work 9dc into ring, ss to first dc. Fasten off.

With contrast colour yarn, work 1ch, 2dc into base of 1ch, 2dc into each of next 8dc, ss to first dc. (18dc)

Petals - * 3ch, tr3tog into next dc, 3ch, ss into next 2dc, * rpt from * to * to end, ss to base of 3ch. Fasten off. (6 petals made)

Leaf - With green coloured yarn and 4.00mm hook make 10ch, 3tr into 4th ch from hook, 1tr into each of next 3ch, 1htr into next ch, 1dc into next ch,  (ss, 2ch, ss) into last ch, (makes a point), working on opposite side of cast on ch, work 1dc into next ch, 1htr into next ch, 1tr into each of next 3ch, 3tr into last ch, ss to top of 3ch. Fasten off. (Make as many as you want)

Finishing - Sew in and tie off loose ends of yarn, sew flowers and leaf/es randomly to blanket.

Hope you enjoy this free baby crochet pattern for a stroller blanket.

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