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Free Baby Crochet Pattern
Baby Shawl


UK Format

.     Wrong Side

RS.      Right Side

ch.      Chain

ss.      Slip Stitch

dc.      Double Crochet

tr.       Treble Crochet

rpt.     Repeat

DNT.   Do not Turn

Shell. (2tr, 1ch, 2tr) into same stitch

vst. (1tr, 2ch, 1tr) into same stitch

Crab Stitch.

Working from left to right work dc backwards

Base of ch. Work into first stitch

3ch counts as first tr

Finished Size approx:-  44" x 44"


670 grams of King Cole big value baby DK in Cream (046)

7.00mm & 5.00mm crochet hooks

TENSION - 1 pattern repeat and 2 rows of pattern measures approx 1"


With 7.00mm hook make 153ch, change to 5.00mm hook, 1 shell (see abbrev) into 4th ch from hook, * miss 2tr, 1 shell into next tr, * rpt from * to * to last 2ch, miss 1ch, 1tr into last ch. Turn. (50 shell groups).

1st Row - 3ch, 1vst (see abbrev) into 1ch space of each shell to end, 1tr into top of 3ch. Turn. (50vst).

2nd Row - 3ch, 1 shell into each 2ch space of vst to end, 1tr into top of 3ch. Turn.

The last 2 rows form pattern, rpt both 1st & 2nd Pattern Rows 41 more times each until 85 rows have been worked in all or work measures approx 42 Inches from beginning. Turn.

Shawl Edging - With WS facing, work 1ch, 2dc into base of 1ch, miss 1tr,

* 1dc into (tr, 1ch space and tr), miss 2tr, * rpt from * to * to 3ch to turn with, 3dc into top of 3ch, working down the first side of the shawl into row ends, work 170dc evenly along to corner, 3dc into corner, 1dc into each chain along cast on edge, 3dc into corner, working up the second side of the shawl, work 170dc evenly into row ends along to corner, 1dc into base of 1ch, ss to first dc on beginning of row. Turn.

Next Row - 3ch, 1tr into base of 3ch, 1tr into each dc around all four sides of shawl, working 3tr’s into each corner, 1tr into base of 3ch, ss to top of 3ch on beginning of row. DNT.

Working from Left to right make 1ch, work one row of crab stitch (see abbrev) around all four sides of shawl, working 3 crab stitches into each corner, ss to first dc. Fasten off.

Finishing - Sew in and tie off any loose ends.

It's optional but you can if you wish thread ribbon through alternate tr's and tie in a bow on a corner.

Hope you enjoy this free crochet pattern for a baby shawl.

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